Sally Jo Donahue
Licensed Polygraph Examiner
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Sally Jo Donahue

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    Albany, OR 97321
Types of Tests
Criminal Defense
Confidential criminal defense testing for lawyers throughout the state of Oregon. In-custody testing also available.

Sex Offender Evaluations
Polygraph examinations administered in conjunction with psychosexual evaluations.
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Sex Offender Testing
Sex offender Full History Disclosure, maintenance and specific issue examinations provided by a polygraph examiner who has specialized training in sex offender testing. All clients are treated with dignity and respect.
Please click here to download Sex Offender Packet

Department of Human Services Child Abuse
If Department of Human Services Child Welfare is involved with your family, they may ask you, or a loved one, to take a polygraph examination. This is often done when a child has an unexplained or concerning injury, and the child is too young to tell anyone what happened. These examinations can be conducted at Department of Human Services, or at the polygraph examiner’s office in Albany. It is important to understand that the polygraph examiner is a neutral party, and has no pre-determined expectation of the outcome of your examination. The goal of the polygraph examiner is to find the truth, and will diligently work toward that goal. You will be told the results of the examination before leaving the office.

Relationship Issues
It is not unusual for couples to go through difficult times. When trust is broken, it can be very difficult for the relationship to recover, without assistance. Counseling is usually beneficial, but occasionally there are issues that cannot be resolved. Polygraph examinations can be helpful in determining if a partner is lying or telling the truth.

Polygraph Examinations are often used to resolve relationship issues regarding cheating partners, gambling, pornography use, romantic communication with others, involvement in dating services or escort services, and more.

Polygraph examinations are only effective on specific allegations or issues. The polygraph examiner will speak with both parties, if requested, to determine the specific issue for your polygraph. A polygraph examination can help resolve specific issues, not a laundry list of questions.

A relationship examination costs $400.00. A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 is required to schedule your appointment.

Polygraph examinations are also available for issues concerning drug usage and domestic violence.